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6 Best Types of Wall Art & Canvas Paintings in Singapore (2024)

Tired of staring into blank empty spaces? Want to add some fun, personality and style to your living areas? Consider these 6 wall art and wall decor choices that are perfect for injecting new life into any home. Let's get to decorating!

What are Wall Art and Wall Decor?

Wall art and wall decor refer to any decorative pieces displayed on a wall to enhance a room’s visual appeal and aesthetic. These elements serve as an expression of your personality and interests, transforming dull spaces into vibrant and inviting areas.

An oil painting above a bed frame

How To Choose Your Wall Art and Wall Decor?

The perfect wall art and decor should not only complement your surroundings well but also align with your lifestyle. Consider these factors to better guide your decision-making process.

Pair of wooden frames hung above a console table

Space: Where Will It Go?

Identifying the precise location for your wall art and decor provides a clearer perspective on the space you're decorating. Consider spaces such as the bedroom, entryway, study, or office as potential locations for your chosen pieces.

Display: Hanging Or Placement?

The chosen display format of your home decor plays a crucial role in its interaction with the surrounding environment. Presentation options can include hanging your wall art and wall decor, utilising shelves or placing it on an office desk.

Framed oil painting placed above a sofa

Size: How Big Should It Be?

Larger pieces work best with spacious rooms such as the living room and dinning room. These areas offer ample space for the art to complement the environment without dominating it. Note that heavier and larger pieces may require drilling for secure installation.

Durability: Will It Hold Up Well?

For high-traffic areas or homes with active kids and pets, opt for sturdier, damage-resistant decor. Delicate items, on the other hand, are better suited for display cabinets.

Types of Wall Art & Wall Decor

When it comes to selecting wall art and decor, there is a wide range of options to suit various styles and preferences. 

1. Canvas Art

Whether you aim to establish a captivating focal point or enhance the overall aesthetic of a room, canvas wall art is a great addition to any space. Often crafted with high-quality materials like canvas and fine framing, wall art brings a touch of sophistication and depth to your surroundings. A striking piece not only leaves a lasting impression but is also a great conversation starter.  

Where To Buy Canvas Art In Singapore

Pretty Major Home, a home-grown Singapore brand, offers an extensive wall art collection, with pieces from textural mediums to captivating geometrical shapes and timeless oil paintings. A personal favourite would be this Metropolitan piece which has a bold and vibrant aesthetic.

2. Framed Art

Be it a beloved family picture, a captivating travel snapshot, or a stunning graphic print, photo frames add structure and elegance to an otherwise bare wall. Beyond the visual appeal, these frames also serve to protect your precious memories. 

Set of three colourful photo frames hung on a wall

Where To Buy Photo Frames In Singapore

The possibilities are endless with Pretty Major Home diverse photo frame collection, catering to every vibe imaginable.

  • Add fun to your display by opting for frames with vibrant pops of colour.

  • Choose a classic wooden frame for a timeless aesthetic. 

  • For a sleek and minimalistic look, consider frames with a slim outline.

Get creative by mixing and matching frames of different styles for a unique and diverse look. 

Set of three posters above a seating area

3. Posters

Revamp your space on a budget with posters. These cost-effective options are easy to find and come in a wide variety of styles. Frame them, tack them, or laminate them — posters add a touch of personality without breaking the bank. 

Where To Buy Posters In Singapore

Variety of posters displayed in a showroom

From rare premium posters to everyday lifestyle prints, Poster Hub offers a wide collection of choices designed to satisfy diverse tastes. Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique collector’s gem or an everyday classic, Poster Hub guarantees a poster for everyone’s liking.

4. Tufted Rugs

Add playfulness to your space with a hand-tufted rug. Featuring unique shapes and designs, hanging rugs as wall art is an excellent way to introduce colour, texture and pattern while also creating a cosy and warm atmosphere. 

Hand-Tufted Rug Workshops In Singapore

Want to craft something uniquely your own? Consider going for a hand-tufted rug workshop! Studio An is a great option to guide you through every step of your tufting journey, from the beginning to finishing your very own piece.

5. Mirrors

Uniquely shaped mirror hung on a wall

Mirrors aren’t just for checking yourself out; they can be a stylish wall decor too. In tight spaces, they create the illusion of more room, instantly making your room feel bigger.

Where To Buy Mirrors In Singapore

The Happy Place is your go-to destination for uniquely shaped mirrors. From full-length mirrors to stylish wall hangings, each one is designed and crafted to bring a modern touch to every part of your home.

A tufted mirror done at Studio An

DIY Mirror workshops in Singapore

Beyond just tufting rugs, Studio An offers the option to incorporate a mirror into your rugs too. And the best part? At no additional cost! Just mention your preference upon arrival and they will make it happen.

6. Wall Decals

Afraid of making the wrong choices when it comes to your wall decor? Fret not, as wall decals are the solution for you! Easy to apply and remove, these temporary additions allow you to change things up as often as your mood desires. Among the most common ones are vinyl and fabric wall stickers.


Fabric decal mimicking a city landscape pasted on wall

Vinyl vs Fabric Wall Stickers: Which Should You Choose?

Vinyl wall stickers are the fundamental wall decals, offering a wide range of styles and designs. These stickers use a special adhesive that allows you to reposition them on the wall multiple times. While often commonly used in homes, they are not known to be reusable. 

In contrast, fabric wall decals come with excellent removable adhesive. Their fabric structure adds durability and reduces the likelihood of tearing. However, they are not suitable for moisture-prone environments and may change colour in extreme heat.

Urban Lil fabric decal

Where to buy wall decals in Singapore

Known for their laser cutting and printing capabilities, Urban Lil offers a variety of wall decals including traditional vinyl and fabric options. Transform your walls instantly with no mess or stress.

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