Activity Gym & Tummy Time Mat

Activity Gym & Tummy Time Mat


A large interactive mat with playpen function that provides your child with fun and safety. Comes with a variety of toys to develop toddler's motor skills and senses. Stimulates the sense of touch, hearing and sight. Easy assembly and transport.


  • Playpen function: 6 colored walls with different stories, you can pick them up and fasten with each other, which encourages the child to lift the head. The mat is folded in such a way that it also functions as a playpen.
  • Diversity of toys: Included are 7 toys with different aesthetic and cognitive values, through which the child develops faster. Toys can be freely pinned to the base of the mat and the bar. A mirror, a soft book, 2 teethers, a rattle, a squeaky tiger and elephant rattle
  • 20 balls included: 20 balls in 4 colors come with the mat − an additional form of entertainment for children.
  • Unique design: Contrasting colors and black and white details stimulate the child's senses from the first days of life.
  • Adjustment of toys: Toy bar with a universal connector that allows placing it at varying distances from the playing child.
  • Functionality: Included is a comfortable cushion improving the comfort of lying on the tummy. A child can also play lying on the back or sitting.


Safe & Durable Materials

  • Lightweight plastic: Hooks made of lightweight plastic ensure safe playing
  • Modern design: Fashionable fabric design
  • Polyester: Durable fabric, easy to clean



Product weight: 1.04kg

Dimensions: 96 x 102.5 x 57 cm

Standards: Product tested and approved according to European safety standard EN 71-1.

Included: Mat, bar with connector, cushion, 7 toys, 20 balls

For children ages 0+