Lemonade Shake Up: The Freshest Dice Game in Town

Lemonade Shake Up: The Freshest Dice Game in Town


Lemonade Shake Up! is a cooperative game that teaches strategy and decision-making skills.


Players work together to fill the money jar with 12 quarters before serving 4 sour lemon tokens. The goal of each turn is to serve one customer a drink by rolling the dice and matching those dice to the recipe card.


You have three rolls to try to get the right combination of ingredients. If you succeed in serving a customer, you earn quarters for the money jar. If you can’t make a recipe on your turn, one customer gets covered with a sour lemon token.

INCLUDES: 5 ingredient dice, 1 dice cup, 12 customer cards, 4 sour lemon tokens, 12 quarter tokens, 1 recipe card, 1 money jar scoreboard, instructions, recipe for homemade lemonade


Age Recommendation: Aged 4 and up

Brand: Peaceable Kingdom