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Hi Guys!


I am Cheryl and that's my husband, Julius, in the photo. We met while studying at NUS business school (Thanks NUS!). We recently got married and are doing the same-old of: Looking for our own home, planning for our babies, looking at Primary Schools to stay near to. You know, the same-old newlyweds/parenthood stuff.


We recently visited the local bookstores to look for a picture book as a birthday gift, and we thought, "Why are there so many assessments books leh? Where are the children's picture books?!" We suppose no one reads for pleasure anymore.


Both my husband and I credit our joy for learning and reading to our early exposure to good books. Especially so for me where my mother, who is an early childhood educator, handpicked many books for me when I was a child. I still remember the lively pictures and the cute rhyming lines in those books. I never stopped reading since, it still is magical for me! Even through my arduous Secondary School and JC years in Raffles, I relied on reading to keep myself sane.


Times are different now it seems, where children are distracted and occupied by the smartphones. And we ask ourselves, why not a book? 


A classic. A fairytale. A portable magic. Back to the basics.


Why not a book?


So let your child fall in love reading, just like you did, just like we did. 


(Oh, Josh and Cherie because we will name our children that if we are lucky enough to have a boy and a girl!)

Julius and Cheryl

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