1 Month Gift Book Box

1 Month Gift Book Box

  • Your giftee will receive his/her first book box in 3-5 working days. Price inclusive of delivery. One-off payment, does not auto-renew. Gifts are only applicable for Singapore delivery. Mandarin book add-ons are at $10 per book.
  • Book boxes for toddlers (0 to 30 months) come with 3 board books, and book boxes for young children (3 to 7 years old) come with 2 picture books.


Literacy Milestone Cards by Josh & Cherie Books

The set contains 8 double-sided cards with 16 milestones. Perfect to capture your little one's literacy milestones and memorable moments!


Size: 15 x 10cm

Material: 260gsm artcards

Comes with a drawstring pouch