3 Months Gift Book Boxes

3 Months Gift Book Boxes

  • Your giftee will receive his/her first book box in 3-5 working days. The 2nd book box will be sent in the last week of the next month, and the 3rd book box will be sent in the last week of the subsequent month.
  • Price inclusive of delivery. One-off payment, does not auto-renew. Gifts are only applicable for Singapore delivery.
  • Mandarin book add-ons are at $30 ($10 per book).
  • Book boxes for toddlers (0 to 30 months) come with 3 board books, and book boxes for young children (3 to 7 years old) come with 2 picture books.


Happy Birthday: Colouroo Colouring Mat with 3-Piece Marker Set ($12.50)

Make birthdays even more fun with a washable colouring mat! The silicone mat doubles up as a dining placemat, and also comes with a 3-piece marker set. Dimensions: 20 x 15cm. To reuse the mats, use wet/dry tissue to clean off the marker ink, or rinse under running water. FDA certified, BPA free.


Literacy Milestone Cards by Josh & Cherie Books ($15.90)

The set contains 8 double-sided cards with 16 milestones. Perfect to capture your little one's literacy milestones and memorable moments! Size: 15 x 10cm  |  Material: 260gsm artcards  |  Comes with a drawstring pouch