Literacy Milestone Cards by Josh & Cherie Books


The set contains 8 double-sided cards with 16 milestones. Perfect to capture your little one's literacy milestones and memorable moments!


1. Today I read my favourite book again

2. Today I finished the sentence in my favourite book

3. Today I wrote my own name

4. Today I started scribbling on paper

5. Today I turned the pages on my own

6. Today I retold my favourite story on my own

7. Today I picked out a book from the shelf all by myself

8. Today I could point and identify objects

9. Today I picked out a book from the shelf all by myself

10. Today I listened to a story from a longer book

11. Today I asked for my favourite book to be read 

12. Today I recognised words that rhyme

13. Today I could name some letters in the alphabet

14. Today I could sing the alphabet song

15. Today I recognised the first letter in my name

16. Today I read my first word on my own


Size: 15 x 10cm

Material: 260gsm artcards

Comes with a drawstring pouch


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