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10 Fun and Educational Activities for Toddlers in Singapore

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Playeums Childrens Centre for Creativity for toddlers

Credits: Playeum

Engaging toddlers in fun and educational activities is essential for their overall development. If you're a Singaporean family seeking exciting and enriching experiences for your little ones, we've compiled a list of 10 top-rated activities ranked from most expensive to most affordable. These activities are guaranteed to keep your toddlers entertained while nurturing their cognitive, social, and physical skills. Let's dive in!

Note: While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, prices and availability may vary. Please visit the respective websites or contact the venues for the latest details.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore mandai zoo

Price: $36/toddler, $50/adult.

Enjoy up to 30% off with WildPass (free membership)

The Singapore Zoo offers a wonderful opportunity for toddlers to connect with nature and learn about animals. With interactive exhibits, feeding sessions, and animal shows, your little ones will have an unforgettable experience while gaining knowledge about wildlife.

ArtScience Museum

mbs art science museum

Price: From $5

Enjoy special rates or complimentary passes with Sands Rewards LifeStyle/ArtScience Friends free membership.

The ArtScience Museum provides a captivating space where art and science intersect. With immersive exhibitions and interactive installations, toddlers can engage in hands-on learning, stimulating their curiosity and imagination. There are also multiple exhibitions, galleries, cinema and tours available, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice!

Science Centre Singapore

science center for kids and toddlers fun activity

Price: Free admission during off-peak hours (Peak hour ticket prices start from $8)

Science Centre Singapore offers an array of exhibits and educational programs designed to introduce toddlers to scientific concepts through play. The Waterworks section and the Children's Science Centre are particularly engaging for young learners.

Gardens by the Bay - Far East Organization Children's Garden

far east organisation childrens garden main

Price: Free admission

The Far East Organization Children's Garden is a delightful outdoor space featuring water play areas, climbing structures, and a toddler-friendly garden. This interactive playground allows children to explore and appreciate nature while engaging in active play.

Playeum - Children's Centre for Creativity

Playeums Childrens Centre for Creativity

Price: Free admission

Playeum is an interactive, child-centric museum that encourages self-directed exploration and creativity. Through hands-on exhibits, workshops, and immersive art installations, toddlers can express themselves while developing critical thinking and motor skills.

Singapore Discovery Centre

singapore discovery center fun for family kids toddlers

Price: Free admission

The Singapore Discovery Centre offers an immersive learning experience through interactive exhibits and engaging shows. Toddlers can participate in age-appropriate activities that promote curiosity, problem-solving, and patriotism.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Jacob Ballas Childrens Garden for family day

Price: Free admission

Located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is designed exclusively for children. It offers a blend of educational and recreational features, including interactive play areas, nature trails, and a farm, allowing toddlers to connect with nature.


the polliwogs vivocity where kids can play singapore venuerific large

Price: From $12

Polliwogs is an indoor playground that offers a safe and stimulating environment for toddlers. Featuring age-appropriate play zones, interactive activities, and friendly staff, it's an excellent place for little ones to engage in imaginative play.

National Museum of Singapore - Family Fun

Family Fun at the National Museum Installations All About Food

Price: Free admission

The National Museum of Singapore offers a variety of family-friendly programs and activities for visitors of all ages. They offer age-appropriate materials and information to make the visit educational and enjoyable for young learners and aim to stimulate creativity, foster inter-generational connections, and provide a fun learning experience for everyone.

Public Libraries

singapore public library children kids reading corner

Price: Free admission

Singapore's public libraries offer a wide range of resources and activities for toddlers. From storytelling sessions to craft workshops, these libraries provide a nurturing environment for early literacy development and an opportunity for families to bond over books.

Start exploring!

Engaging toddlers in fun and educational activities is an excellent way to foster their growth and development. This list showcases 10 top-rated activities in Singapore, ranging from indoor play areas to interactive museums and outdoor gardens. Choose the activities that suit your toddler's interests and budget, and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and learning together.


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