13 Best Baby Toys to Buy in Singapore (2022)

You would have heard of parents buying fancy new toys for their children, only for their little ones to prefer the carton boxes that the toys came in. Or toddlers opting to play with the household broom and random wooden bowl from the kitchen rather than their pricey new Pikler triangle or Montessori toys.

As children are curious about the world around them, everything and anything can be considered a toy. When choosing toys for a baby, it is important to consider their age and their developmental milestones. Different developmental stages mean different skills, which means different ways of interacting with, and enjoying a toy.

Toys for babies from birth to 2 months

For a baby’s first two months of life, they spend a lot of time watching and listening to people around them. This is a crucial time for their emotional development, and interaction with your baby is more important than any toy. It could be as simple as playing ‘peek-a-boo’, reading, singing, and talking to your baby.

As they are starting to learn about the world through their senses, some of the best toys at this stage would be those with contrasting colours, soft sounds and different textures.

1) High contrast black and white cards & board books

High contrast black and white cards & board books baby toys

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2) Cloth books with textures and crinkly sounds

Cloth books baby toys

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3) Mobiles for cots or bassinets

Cot mobiles baby toys

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Toys for babies from 2 to 4 months

This is the time when babies start discovering their hands. They’ll start grasping, holding and shaking things and it is the start of their gross motor skills development.

4) Baby activity gym

Baby activity gym toys

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5) Baby rattles: Wooden rattles, cloth rattles, plastic rattles

Baby rattles baby toy

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6) Baby mirror toy for tummy time