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11 Best Kids Beds in Singapore (2023)

Tiptoe Bunk bed in children room with hudson washed dresser

Loft beds, bunk beds, fancy beds that are shaped like a car, storage beds, designer beds and more. Kids these days are spoilt for choice. When it’s time to upgrade your little one to a kids bed, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Safety: Look for a bed with sturdy construction and no sharp edges that could harm your child. Beds with guardrails can also help prevent accidents.

  • Size: Make sure the bed is the right size for your child. Keep in mind that they will grow, so it's a good idea to invest in a bed that they can use for several years.

  • Comfort: Consider the mattress and bedding when choosing a bed. A comfortable bed will help ensure that your child sleeps well.

  • Durability: Kids can be tough on furniture, so choose a bed that is made with durable materials and has a solid construction.

  • Style: Choose a bed that matches the style of your child's room and their personal taste. There are many fun and creative designs available for kids beds.

  • Ease of assembly: If you're buying a bed that requires assembly, make sure that it is easy to put together and that you have the necessary tools and hardware.

  • Budget: Consider the cost of the bed, including the cost of the mattress, bedding, and any additional features you might want, such as storage or a built-in desk.

With all these factors in mind, here are some of our favourite kids beds in Singapore at different price points, from $ to $$$.

Budget: $

1) IKEA Kura Reversible Bed, $319

Ikea Kura Reversible Bed

This classic IKEA bed is perfect for younger children but also grows with them. You can turn it upside down when your child gets older – creating a play corner in no time with space for play and cosy times.

2) Boori Forest Teepee Single Bed, from $699

Boori Forest Teepee Single Bed

With a playful and fun design, your child’s dreams will come true as they catch some Zzzs from the comfort of their new bed or sit and read their favourite book.

3) IKEA Mydal Bunk Bed, $399

IKEA Mydal Bunk Bed

This affordable bunk bed is made of solid wood – a durable material that lasts for generations and can be recycled when children move away from home. Good for your wallet and our environment.

4) Haefen Car Shaped Kids Bed Frame $719

Haefen Car Shaped Kids Bed Frame

For car lovers, this car-shaped bed comes with a padded headboard upholstered in eco-leather.

The set comes with a matching side table that provides ample storage for all your needs.

Budget: $$

5) Bopita Lynn Single Bed, $1169

Bopita Lynn Single Bed

The Lynn kids bed has a minimalist Scandinavian look, contemporary white matte in combination with a natural wooden base.

6) Natty Boori Single Loft Bed, from $1499

Natty Boori Single Loft Bed

This unique loft bed is packed flat for easy home assembly and can be used as a guarded single bed or loft bed depending on your family’s needs – it can even be transformed further into a bunk bed using an additional bunk bed conversion kit (sold separately)!

7) Babyletto TipToe Bunk Bed, $2399

Babyletto TipToe Bunk Bed

The TipToe Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for two sharing a room or simply for sleepovers with besties. Featuring a sturdy integrated ladder that can be placed on either side to work with any room configuration, best of all the TipToe easily converts into two individual twin-size beds.

8) Matrix Bunk Bed with Slide, from $2646

Turn up the fun with a sliding platform! Full size = extra room for growing kids, sleepovers or snuggling with parents. The platform doubles as an entryway to the top and is positioned at the bed end so the slide starts further back, saving floor space.

Budget: $$$

9) Flexa Freja Single Bed, $2850

Flexa Freja Single Bed

The Freja bed combines contemporary Danish design with functionality by offering integrated storage under the bed. The children’s books, toys, bed linen and clothes can easily be stored without consuming any extra space! The little ladder in the middle of the bed makes it safe for children to climb up and down by themselves.

10) Oliver Furniture Wood Kids Bunk Bed, from $4013

Oliver Furniture Wood Kids Bunk Bed

Oliver Furniture’s children beds are a lifelong investment. Each kids bed is convertible and can be transformed into a kids single bed, kids loft bed or kids bunk bed, taking your child through different phases of their childhood. Thanks to its solid pine wood, the bed frame remains sturdy and stable after any form of conversion.

11) Flexa Popsicle Family Bed with Storage Staircase, $7280

Flexa Popsicle Family Bed with Storage staircase

The Popsicle family bed is the perfect space-saving solution for smaller homes. Designed by the Danish furniture designer Herman Studio, the bed comes with unique built-in storage with a lot of storage space. The bed frame is made of solid oak and oak veneer and has round and soft edges.

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