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Essential Baby Proofing Products for Home Safety in Singapore

curious baby standing up baby proof

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your little one at home, baby proofing is an essential step. By creating a secure environment, you can minimize potential hazards and provide peace of mind for both you and your child. Let’s explore essential baby proofing products that will help you create a safe and child-friendly home in Singapore. From corner protectors to door stoppers and edge guards, we've got you covered.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are essential for safeguarding your child against sharp corners of furniture and fixtures. These soft and cushioned products add an extra layer of protection to prevent injuries. Here are a few top recommendations:

corner protector baby prooing Roving Cove

1. Roving Cove Baby Proofing Corner Guards: These corner guards are made from high-density foam and come with a strong adhesive backing. They are easy to install and provide excellent protection against bumps and bruises. Available at Roving Cove.

2. Bebe Earth Corner Protectors: Made from a durable and non-toxic material, Bebe Earth corner protectors are designed to fit various furniture types. They are transparent, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your home decor. Available at Bebe Earth.

Door Stoppers

Door stoppers are essential for preventing door-related accidents, such as finger pinching or slamming. Here are a couple of reliable door stopper recommendations:

corner protector baby prooing Roving Cove

1. Dreambaby Silicone Finger Pinch Guard: These door stoppers are made of a strong and flexible material, ensuring they won't cause any harm to your child. They attach easily to the top or side of the door, preventing it from closing completely. It can also help prevent children accidentally locking themselves into a room. Available at Pupsik Singapore.

2. Steve & Leif Finger Guard: This door stopper is designed to fit at the hinge of all standard doors and prevents them from slamming shut to protect your child’s fingers. Available at GreenLeif.

Edge Guards

Edge guards are crucial for protecting your child from sharp edges on tables, countertops, and other furniture. Here are a few recommendations for reliable edge guards:

baby proof table edge protectors

1. Roving Cove HeftyFit Edge Protector: These edge guards are made from soft and high-density premium rubber foam to absorb any impact and protect your child. They are easy to install and remove, ensuring your furniture remains unharmed. Available at Roving Cove.

2. Clevamama Multi Purpose Edge Guard: Made with flexible rubber foam that can be attached to sharp/hard edges in the house to cushion any fall or knock against a sharp or hard edge. They are easy to apply and provide effective protection against bumps and bruises. Available at Pupsik Singapore.

Safeguard Your Child's Well-being

Baby proofing your home is an essential step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your child. By utilizing corner protectors, door stoppers, and edge guards, you can minimize potential hazards and create a secure environment. Remember, investing in baby proofing products is an investment in your child's safety and your peace of mind.


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