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Where to Buy Kids Clothes this Chinese New Year (Singapore 2023)

Image Credit: Sea Apple

In another week’s time, we’ll be ushering in the Chinese New Year, where we let the feasting of steamboat, lou hei and bakkwa begin! A common tradition amongst the Chinese when it comes to preparing for the Lunar New Year (besides buying the good ol’ hae bee hiam crackers or kueh bangit) is to start shopping for new clothes to don during the festive season.

This year, we celebrate the Year of The Rabbit, and there are many local fashion brands with adorable bunny print apparels and matching family outfits for you to choose from. From cheongsams to mandarin collar shirts, your little kiddos are bound tū (兔, Chinese word for rabbit) huat during this Chinese New Year!

1. AforArcade

Taking a twist of the traditional Chinese New Year designs, AforArcade’s in-house prints boast adorably colourful checkered prints that are suitable for both young and the young at heart. Inspired by Scandinavian designs, these checkerboard patterns come in two different styles, Noir or Confetti - both designs that can be worn even after Chinese New Year!

2. The Closet Lover

Featuring The Closet Lover’s exclusive in-house design, the Island Stories print, you’ll be delighted to know that this is available in the classy qipao design for your little girl or a mandarin collar shirt for your little boy! Moms and dads, get ready to mix and match to pair with your little kiddos!

3. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito has been a long-time favourite in the fashion industry and a pioneer among local brands. This Lunar New Year, Love, Bonito focuses on intricate embroidery and minimalistic in-house designs, available in different styles and colours. Dress in comfort and style with Love, Bonito, as most pieces are made from lightweight cotton, an important consideration for the humid weather in Singapore!

4. Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society’s in-house Magnolia print has big blooms to symbolize the bright start of the Lunar New Year. The Magnolia print is graceful and chic for the ladies and dashing for the gentlemen. Available in cheongsam, blouse or mandarin collar shirt, this exclusive collection will let you stand out from the crowd of reds this Chinese New Year.

5. Dressed In Gabe

What’s cuter than a baby? A baby dressed in an auspicious orange print! Dressedingabe has been designing in-house prints for different festivities and has continued to do so this Chinese New Year. Naming their collection of the year ‘兔GETHER’ (tu-gether, together) as a wordplay to celebrate the Year of Rabbit, these prints are vibrant and cheery for families to match and gather for this festive season.

6. Maison Q

Known for their reversible children’s wear, Maison Q’s apparels are made of high-quality fabric with versatile prints and vibrant colours. Always an auspicious colour during the Chinese New Year, Maison Q launches this gorgeous matching family set of outfits in red with rabbit prints and a reversible side of lion dancers and little rabbits on a cream fabric. One piece of clothing with two colours and designs? Twice the fun, double the huat - talk about utilising full mileage from an outfit!

7. Sea Apple

Sea Apple focuses on developing creative and sustainable children’s clothes. Just like every other collection, this Lunar New Year collection tells its very own story. Available in pastel and vibrant colours, be sure to check out the different series that Sea Apple has prepared this year. Featuring subtle and minimalistic florals as its main theme on the hot favourite cheongsam silhouette and mandarin collar shirts, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your kids!

8. The Elly Store

Celebrate Chinese New Year with The Elly Store’s exclusive collection of bunny prints! This adorable collection caters to kids (0-14 years old) and has an assortment of prints and colours available for parents to choose. Of course, not forgetting twinning styles and matching fits for the perfect family portrait this Chinese New Year.


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