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11 Best Baby High Chairs & Booster Seats in Singapore (2023)


All babies develop at different rates. For most babies, they’ll be ready to start solids somewhere between four and six months old. It’s good to ensure that you have your high chair purchased, assembled and ready to go by then.

Certain high chair models are also suitable for use from the newborn stage, even before babies start on solids. These high chairs are perfect for newborns to join the family at the dining table during meal times and be at eye level with everyone, observing the world around them.

When can my baby sit in a high chair?


As your little one grows, you will notice the following milestones that will indicate that your little one is ready to sit on the highchair (without the infant bouncer attachment).

  • When they can sit upright

  • When they can hold their head up

  • When they show proper stability

How to choose the best high chair for your baby

Before you purchase a high chair, besides space and budget, here are some pointers that you might want to consider:

Durable and long-lasting

A sturdy chair offers better value through longer use. Get one that lasts beyond your toddler’s feeding stages. A common debate on the best material for high chairs is between wood and plastic. While highchairs made from plastic are typically more portable, a wooden highchair is far more stable and durable in the long run.


Multifunctional and versatile

Getting the most use out of a product is hard to come across for baby items since they outgrow them in the blink of an eye. Hence getting a convertible high chair is the best option for any practical parents out there! Convertible high chairs are able to be used for a longer period of time, and usually have a maximum weight limit that can take even a weight of an average adult.

Safety is key

Safety is still of utmost priority for your baby. Hence, in addition to sturdiness and durability, look for a highchair with an anti-tip structure and safety harness.

Cleaning and care


As your baby starts on solids and learns how to feed themselves, they’re bound to make a mess. Hence knowing how to best clean and maintain your highchair is critical for keeping it in good and functional condition for the years to come.

If your highchair is made from plastic, cleaning is simple with just a damp cloth and any cleaning agent if needed. For highchairs made from sturdy wood, including Beechwood, brush off any loose food crumbs before wiping it down with a damp cloth. Ensure that the cloth is not too wet, and avoid soaking, bleach, or any harsh cleaning agents as it will cause discoloration and weaken the wood structure. Keep your highchair dry to best preserve your wooden highchair.

Here’s a list of our favourite baby high chairs and where to buy them in Singapore.

1) Best Affordable Wooden Convertible High Chair: Hauck Alpha+ Wooden High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • Sturdy and stable, made of solid beech wood

  • Grows with your baby from birth with the 2-in-1 Alpha+ infant bouncer which can be used together with the high chair, or on the floor

  • Perfect for baby-led weaning with the Alpha+ feeding tray that has different depth positions and is removable for easy washing

  • Price is wallet-friendly

What we dislike 🚫

  • The chair cannot be folded, but this is a trade off for the chair to have a sturdy frame for it to accommodate a higher weight limit

Buy the Hauck Alpha+ Wooden High Chair here.

2) Best Affordable High Chair: IKEA Antilop High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • The most affordable high chair in the market

  • As the seat is plastic, it is easy to wipe down

What we dislike 🚫

  • With the chair weighing only 3kg (exclusive of tray), it is not the most stable high chair for active toddlers

  • The height of the chair is non-adjustable

Buy the IKEA Antilop High Chair here.

3) Best Luxury High Chair: Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • The Stokke Tripp Trapp, like the Hauck Alpha+ High Chair, is convertible and usable from birth till adulthood

  • Many cute colours to choose from

What we dislike 🚫

  • The price is cray cray. Just the chair alone (excluding the harness, baby set, tray, infant bouncer) costs $429.

  • Buying the chair without the accessories defeats the purpose, so you’ll end up spending a bomb to purchase the entire set

  • It is not foldable

Buy the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair here.

4) Best Retro High Chair: Joie Multiply 6 in 1 High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • 6 modes: Including baby mode highchair, traditional highchair, booster, portable booster, toddler chair, and play table

  • Seat and frame fold compactly and stand when folded

What we dislike 🚫

  • The seat pad and insert, although removable, may be warm and uncomfortable to be used in Singapore’s weather. Also, the many grooves in the seat pad make it difficult to clean.

Buy the Joie Multiply 6 in 1 High Chair here.

5) Best Foldable High Chair: Bonbijour Regan High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • 8 adjustable height orientations, 5 different back rest angles and 3 foot rest positions

  • 2 built in back wheels makes moving the chair easy

What we dislike 🚫

  • The high chair, although specified as usable from birth, does not come with an infant insert. The seat, being quite deep to accommodate older toddlers, may be too big for most infants to lie in snugly and comfortably.

Buy the Bonbijour Regan High Chair here.

6) Best Versatile High Chair: Oribel Cocoon High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • With similar functions as the Joie Multiply 6-in-1 and the Bonbijou Regan High Chair, the Oribel Cocoon Z looks the most stylish of the lot with its trademark cocoon style seat

What we dislike 🚫

  • The magnetic stowaway tray drops quite easily when the chair is folded

  • The high chair is bulky and requires a large space to be used

Buy the Oribel Cocoon High Chair here.

7) Best Swiveling High Chair: Munchkin 360 Cloud Baby High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • Has a unique swiveling seat that makes interacting with your baby during meals a lot easier

  • Stylish modern look that fits seamlessly into most dining rooms

What we dislike 🚫

  • The seat is completely clear, which shows handprints, smudges and any residual mess

  • The seat and footrest aren’t adjustable

Buy the Munchkin 360 Cloud Baby High Chair here.

8) Best Vintage High Chair: Cackoo Rattan High Chair (Link)

What we love ❤️

  • Much love for the old-school vibes!

What we dislike 🚫

  • Might be uncomfortable to sit without the cushion pad

  • Rattan may be challenging to maintain especially if meal times get messy

Buy the Cackoo Rattan High Chair here.

9) Best Ergonomic High Chair: Nomi High Chair

What we love ❤️

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Adjustable seat and footrest

  • Super easy to clean and doesn’t trap food

What we dislike 🚫

  • If you though the Stokke Tripp Trapp was expensive, the Nomi High Chair is even more expensive (sobs).

Buy the Nomi High Chair here.

10) Best Space Saving High Chair: Ingenuity Baby Base Booster Seat

What we love ❤️

  • Compact yet sturdy, and attaches to most dining chairs

  • Can also be used on the floor

What we dislike 🚫

  • Not for bigger sized toddlers as the seat may be too small, and the straps are known to be quite short even at the longest setting

Buy the Ingenuity Baby Base Booster Seat here.

11) Best Travel High Chair: Bombol Pop-Up Booster

What we love ❤️

  • Ultra compact & lightweight portable booster seat that folds flat, convenient for on-the-go

What we dislike 🚫

  • Learning how to set this up might get confusing, and setting up takes time and effort

  • It is a very pricey booster seat

Buy the Bombol Pop-Up Booster here.


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