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16 Best Newborn & Baby Gift Hampers to Buy in Singapore (2024)

Updated: May 15

Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one who just welcomed a new baby? Or shopping for a baby shower present? Here’s a list of our favourite baby hampers, newborn gift sets, and personalized gifts for you to choose from.

1) Affordable & functional baby gifts

Hatched Baby Gifts, by Hatchery Cribs, include gorgeous baby essentials like washcloths, bibs, cloth books, hooded bath towels and more. All items are packed in a stylish gift box with a matching gift card. What we love most about these gift boxes are the affordable prices! From just $39.90 per gift (inclusive of delivery), gifting something gorgeous doesn’t have to be expensive!

Prices of gift boxes: $39.90 to $189.90, inclusive of delivery

2) Baby’s first book subscription

Baby’s first book subscription, Josh & Cherie Children Books

Thinking of gifting something special and useful? Josh & Cherie Books offer gift boxes of their popular book subscriptions as one-time gifts. Not only is it never too early to start reading to babies, reading to a newborn also promotes parent and child bonding. Each book box includes 3 baby board books and comes nicely packed in a cute bright yellow bunny gift box.

Prices of gift boxes: From $36.90, inclusive of delivery

3) Functional baby gifts for mums, bubs and the nursery

Functional baby gifts for mums, bubs and the nursery, Hatchery Cribs Baby Gifts

New parents usually have a long shopping list for their babies, and helping them buy some items from their list will be a huge help. From feeding cushions, baby sleep cocoons, play mats, high chairs and more, Hatchery Cribs has a wide range of premium baby and mom products to make a thoughtful gift.

Prices: From $15.90

Free delivery for orders above $60

4) Gifts to pamper the mom

reed diffuser bottle in home

Many newborn gifts tend to be for the baby, but what about the mom who endured all the labour pains and carried baby through term! If anyone deserves a gift, it is mom!

Create the perfect sanctuary of comfort for her to rest and unwind in with Pretty Major Home's gift sets, featuring a selection of calming home fragrances, stylish photo frames, and functional nonstick cookware.

Prices of gift boxes: $16.50 to $169.90, free delivery for orders above $50

5) Gorgeous floral arrangements

Flower Delivery Singapore Gift

Flowers never fail to brighten up anyone’s day! Surprise a new mom with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to show your love. Our personal favourite florists are Windflower Florist for their affordable and stylish bouquets, and Charlotte Puxley Flowers for their elegantly luxurious floral arrangements.

Prices of floral arrangements: From $120, $15 delivery fee per location

Prices of bouquets: From $49, free delivery

6) Personalized baby gifts

Personalized baby gifts, Lovingly Signed Singapore

Gifting something personalized always makes it extra special! Lovingly Signed and My Baby Gift offer personalized plushies, blankets, towels and more. Your giftee’s name will be carefully embroidered on the gift, and all items will be packed in a sturdy gift box. Do note that with custom personalization comes a higher price tag.

Lovingly Signed

Prices of gift boxes: From $78, delivery inclusive

My Baby Gift

Prices of gift boxes: From $69, free delivery for orders above $100

7) Diaper cake hampers

Perfect for the ‘gram, diaper cake hampers will be the centerpiece of any photo. 100% not edible, most diaper cakes come in multi-tiers, come with a personalized name and include other items like plushies, balloons and more. This gift, although highly aesthetic and a ton of fun to receive, may not be the most practical gift as parents usually already have a preference of diapers that they use for their newborn baby.

Diaper Cakes

Prices of diaper cakes: From $69, free delivery for orders above $50

8) Premium boxed baby gifts

Premium boxed baby gifts. Raph & Remy Singapore

A box full of soft, fluffy goodness. Raph & Remy is popular for their bamboo essentials like newborn onesies, swaddles, bibs and more. Each item comes in full block colours without any prints, and with the signature Raph Remy logo embroidered at the front. All items are also nicely packed in a luxe box and finished with a gorgeous ribbon.

Raph & Remy

Prices of gift boxes: From $95

Free delivery for orders above $99

9) Baby hampers

Baby Hampers Newborn Gifts Singapore

Wrecking your brains for what to give? The conventional go-tos are the standard baby gift hampers from the OGs Far East Flora and Noel Gifts. With a wide array of hampers to choose from (albeit more on the old-school side), this is the perfect gift if you’re looking for a bit of everything.

Far East Flora

Prices of baby hampers: From $59, $8+ delivery fee per location

Noel Gifts

Prices of baby hampers: From $64, $8+ delivery fee per location

10) Beautiful baby clothes & onesies

Beautiful baby clothes & onesies, Elly Store Singapore

As babies grow quickly and tend to outgrow clothes in a blink of an eye, many new parents hesitate to splurge on clothes for their newborns. But who wouldn’t want to deck their baby in cute baby onesies? Gifting beautiful baby clothes and onesies from popular brands like The Elly Store and Maison Q are fuss-free options, and sure to brighten up your giftee’s day!

The Elly Store

Prices of baby gifts: From $114, free delivery for orders above $100

Maison Q

Prices of baby gifts: From $79, free delivery for orders above $88

11) Soft & cuddly Jellycat plushies

Jellycat plushies are the softest and fluffiest premium plushies you can get your hands on. Originating from the UK, Jellycat is now a worldwide phenomenon. Shop for Jellycat plushies at Hatchery Cribs, they sell the classic Jellycat Bashful Bunnies, adorable Amuseables range, and other Jellycat items like baby board books, soothers, and rattles that are perfect for gifting.

Prices of Jellycat plushies: From $45.90, free delivery for orders above $60

12) Customized name decals and engraved rounds

baby newborn customized name sign gift

Customized name signages for baby gifts offer a personalized touch to the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world. These special creations are a delightful way to celebrate a child's arrival, with their name beautifully crafted and designed to match the nursery's decor or a theme of choice. Whether it's a hand-painted wooden plaque, a delicate paper cutout, or a modern acrylic sign, these name signages add a unique and sentimental element to the baby's room.

Shop Urban Lil'

Prices of gifts: From $25

Free delivery for orders above $100

13) Personalized children’s books

Personalized children books gift Singapore

Wonderbly offers personalized children’s books that are perfect keepsakes. You’ll be able to personalize your giftee’s name in the book, choose how the main character looks, and even add a free dedication! With various stories to choose from, this is the perfect gift for any newborn! As Wonderbly is a US-based company, the shipping fee is relatively pricey and the standard shipping time frame is about 3 weeks.

Prices per book: From $49.90 (softcover) / $65.99 (hardback), shipping from $19.99

14) Educational baby toys

Don’t know what toy would be suitable for a newborn? Check out our article of the best baby toys to buy in Singapore, or head to the baby section of any Toys R Us to pick out the perfect toy!

15) Baby feeding gear

Hegen Baby Newborn Gift Sets

Hegen is a well-loved local brand for baby bottles. With their unique square-shaped design, they not only look sleek but also prevent rolling, ensuring stability during mealtime. The Hegen bottles feature a practical one-hand close and a no-spill, no-leak design, making them exceptionally easy to use.

Their gift sets are beautifully packaged, and make the perfect gifting set.

Shop Hegen

Prices of gift bundles: From $78

16) Luxury baby gifts

Luxury Baby Gifts, Hermes Baby Gifts Avalon Baby Towel

It’s never too early to own your very first Hermès, right? Luxury brands like Burberry and Hermès offer super luxe and premium baby gift options that are the epitome of extravagance. Pamper the little royalty with a $1500 Hermès Avalon towel, or a $840 Burberry Check Wool Thomas Bear, just because.

Prices: From $93 to $2250

Prices: From $95 to $1890


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