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Hospital Bag Essentials: A Comprehensive Checklist for Singaporean Parents

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hospital Bag Essentials for childbirth

Preparing a well-stocked hospital bag is an essential part of your journey towards welcoming your little one into the world. As expectant parents in Singapore, it's important to have a hospital bag checklist tailored to your specific needs. Here’s a comprehensive list of maternity essentials for your delivery bag, to ensure you're well-prepared for this exciting chapter of your life.

Comfortable Clothing

maternity clothing and loungewear

Loose-fitting, comfortable clothes: Pack loose-fitting nightgowns or comfortable pajamas for the duration of your hospital stay. They will provide you with ease of movement and comfort. You can find a range of comfortable maternity nightwear at Spring Maternity.

Nursing bras and breast pads

Choose nursing bras that offer support and convenience for breastfeeding. Pack a few pairs of breast pads to absorb leaks. Browse nursing bras and breast pads at Pupsik Studio.

Personal Care Items

travel cosmetic bag with women accessories

Toiletries: Bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other personal care items to make yourself feel fresh and clean during your stay. Find travel-sized toiletries and personal care items at Guardian Online, or at their physical stores with multiple outlets all over Singapore.

Maternity pads

Stock up on comfortable maternity pads for post-delivery bleeding. Maternity pads are designed for postpartum bleeding, offering extra absorbency and coverage, while sanitary pads are used for menstrual flow. Hence, maternity pads are thicker and wider than sanitary pads. They are easily available at your local supermarket.

Baby Essentials

pehr baby clothes newborn organic cotton

Baby clothes: Pack a few sets of baby clothes, including onesies, socks, mittens, and hats. Choose soft, comfortable fabrics suitable for newborns. Shop for adorable baby clothes at Uniqlo or Mothercare.

Swaddling blankets

pehr baby swaddle newborn

Opt for lightweight, breathable blankets to keep your baby cozy and secure during those precious first few days. Explore a variety of swaddling blankets at Hatchery Cribs or Pupsik.

Diapers and wipes

Stock up on newborn-sized diapers and gentle baby wipes for your hospital stay. Consider eco-friendly options if desired. Discover a wide range of diapers and wipes at

Nourishment and Snacks

Bottled water and snacks: Stay hydrated during labor and keep energy levels up with healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars, and fruits. Get convenient snacks and drinks at

Miscellaneous Items

Important documents: Keep your identification, hospital registration forms, and any other necessary documents in a separate folder or envelope for easy access.

Electronics and chargers: Pack your phone, camera, and their respective chargers to capture and share those precious moments.

Ready, Set, Baby!

pregnant woman packing hospital bag with checklist

By preparing a well-organized hospital bag with these essential items, you'll ensure a smooth and comfortable stay during the delivery of your baby. Remember, each parent's needs may vary, so feel free to customize this checklist to suit your preferences. Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery!


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